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Ska Or Not?

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"elitists" rant [Jan. 13th, 2006|01:42 am]
Ska Or Not?
I never thought something related to ska would bother me so much.

It's 1:45 AM and I'm on livejournal, looking for a good laugh, basically. I browse over these communities sometimes in the wakes of my insomnia because, on occasion, they're interesting. For amusement purposes, I stumbled over "howrudeareyou" or whatever that community is.

I'm literally appalled.

A little group of kids that say hey I know what I'm talking about! Okay. So you shun others. What's the use in that? isn't ska ABOUT mixing it up? Isn't ska FUSION itself? Yeah. I thought so. Soo they have their little elitist group that says "Hey I'm into ska and I can kick you out of my LIVE JOURNAL community!"

Because they're just that cool.

Does it make them feel better knowing that they've been accepted onto an online community, not only that, but one popular with teenagers? JUNIOR HIGH children at that. I admit, I'm only 18. I'm not the wisest of the wise. But doesn't it seem a little lame that they've created a community on livejournal just to show off?

"If you act like a sixteen year old, you can't join"
OH! and what do sixteen year olds do? They make clubs and cliques and tell other people "you're not good enough!" Wait. No, that was when we were in preschool, and the girls and boys wouldn't play together because they had cooties. And Calvin and Hobbes, with the Get Rid Of Slimy girlS club. Because I really want to be a part of your "I'm-so-rude-I'm-on-livejournal-and-I'm-cooler-than-you" club. group. community. Whatever.

Did they experience it? no. I doubt it. Most people with the ability and interest in live journal aren't much older than sixteen. That's barely alive enough for the third-wave. These are the kids that probably sat up all night and googled "ska history" and figured it out, and probably all listened to Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake and still do, except they google "two-tone-ska" and paste all the band names they can find under their favorite bands.

Ska isn't about calling yourself a skinhead or a rude boy or a rude girl or what not. Ska isn't about which Wave you're into. It's true, it's about the unity, it's about the acceptance and fight for identity. Just because it's changed doesn't make it less "ska." It's not about the labels. It's about the music and the time and consideration that's been put into it. It's about the lifestyle behind it, and dancing. The best part of ska is DANCING. SKANKNIG. And yeah. I can skank. I can dance and I can swing.

So what, they want an application of my favorite bands and how old I am and what I look like and what my favorite RECORD LABELS are. What, I can't just like the music and be interested in the subculture behind it, I have to send a picture in to be judged by what I look like, oh no what if I look too preppy or too emo or too gangster. Because Y'kno, if I have a sweater and a scarf on, I can't like ska. Of course not. Because my CLOTHING is what my MUSIC is.

Those kids may know words abouut the history of ska. But they're not anything. Stupid livejournal communities telling people they're not ska enough.
I've never seen anything so pathetic.

So for a late introduction, My name is annie I'm almost 18, I hail from the suburbs of D.C. and I love ska and I love dancing and I love music in general, including jazz, swing/big band, punk and some local music. I stand strong in my beliefs, and I like to make my opinion known.
Okay. Ask if you want to know more.

"I don't need a music scene to tell me who I am" (Catch-22)
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Ladies and Gentlemen [Nov. 23rd, 2005|11:16 pm]
Ska Or Not?


Get ready for good times.

Cross posted tons.
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x-post [Jun. 21st, 2005|10:29 pm]
Ska Or Not?

i started a petition that xylophone should be spelled with a "z" not an "x".

here sign it plz.

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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2005|10:58 am]
Ska Or Not?

Wow, I'm so happy... I get to go to the RBF concert in July! I missed it last year, which sucked. I'm kind of worried that the other bands aren't going to be as good....but hey, it'll be fun. I haven't heard RBF's new cd yet, I probably should before I go because I imagine they'll be playing songs from it.

Anyone else from Atlanta and going to it?

Also, if anyone has heard the new RBF cd, is it any good? I have a feeling they're drifted farther from ska, but that's not necessarily bad.
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It's not quite a Jaguar [Jun. 11th, 2005|04:33 pm]
Ska Or Not?

[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |madness - driving in my car]

Hi guys, new to the community, just droppin by and greeting. My name's Lou and I'm from southern Florida. I'm just here to converse with other ska fans that aren't elitist assholes, make friends, whatev.
Any other southern Floridians here?
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2005|06:53 pm]
Ska Or Not?

[Current Mood |irritatedirritated]
[Current Music |out of control-the honeymooners (of course)]

i asked this on skanktastico too, so if you're part of that, sorry you're reading this twice.

does anyone know in the song "out of control" by the honeymooners what they say right after "rude girl, rude boy pick it up!" ????

it is driving me NUTS. it's like two something, but it's definitely not two tone... agh im going insane here, someone help me figure this out!!! ((please))
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check us out [Apr. 7th, 2005|06:33 pm]
Ska Or Not?


the make out bandits from danbury ct
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2005|08:00 am]
Ska Or Not?


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braces? [Feb. 14th, 2005|11:51 am]
Ska Or Not?

[Current Mood |coldcold]

I suppose some of you are skinheads so I thought I'd ask this here: Does anyone know a good place to get braces (the ones that hold your trousers up, not the teeth kind) online? Preferably half-inch, red ones.
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Hey hey [Jan. 10th, 2005|11:51 pm]
Ska Or Not?

[Current Music |The Toasters-Don't let the basterds bring you down]

I'm depating going to the ska is dead tour...but idk, seems like more hype then anything, the only reason i would go would be to see streetlight manifestio and thats it really, to bad i missed mustard plugs ska fest here in d-town *detroit* ok i live 1/2 hour expresway away from there lol, but ya

so should i go? idk if i can find some people to go with i might, but it dosent look like anybuddy i know is going,and i i where to go to d-town by myself, i'd probably get shoot, would be the frist time...but thats anouther story, and that was just gunshots anyway

ohh man why did i have to mention mustard plug...i remeber back when i was in a ska band a few years ago covering mustard-plug box as the frist song we did....i never felt so cool lol, and thats the coolest thing i've probably done in my life..how sad lol

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