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Ska or Not?

It doesn't matter.

Ska Or Not?
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This is a community created for anyone who listens to reggae or ska of any type. It doesn't matter whether you're a rudy, mod, punk, or whatever. It is all about the unity, and supporting your local ska band. You don't have to be decked out in a two-tone suit, ride a vespa, or even have a checkerboard sweat band, all you have to do is be yourself and respect the music. Pictures, stories, promoting bands, and anything of that nature is allowed here.

1) YOU WILL NOT BE RATED!...but you can offer constructive critisizm, or advice, or just tell them how you feel without being insulting.

2) You do have to be a member to post due to spamming.

3) No condescending ska elitist assholes allowed.

These 3 simple rules are all I ask of you.